Fresh & Innovative Minimalist Bedroom Trends and Ideas For 2022

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Written by Sonu | Last Updated: December 26, 2021 
Fresh & Innovative Minimalist Bedroom Trends and Ideas For 2022

Marie Kondo, Tiny Homes Nation and The Minimalists documentary are just some of the transformative pieces of media bringing minimalist life to the (entirely practical and necessary) table. It’s certainly a popular way of life at the moment, but is it here to stay? Is it worth buying into?

It may seem like it could be a passing trend, but minimalism has actually been around a very long time. The term was bandied around in the 50’s and 60’s starting in music, and then edging its way into art and design. It is here to stay because the world needs to turn away from consumerism and embrace buying less stuff. Minimalism is good for the environment and society. Minimalism is also known to be great for mental health, removing distractions and helping us totally embrace the tidy house, tidy mind philosophy.

With such amazing calming benefits, it’s no surprise that the minimalist style is perfect for modern bedrooms styles. If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from rubbish sleep, designing a modern bedroom in this way could be worth a try. At the most your bedroom will be more zen, at the most, you’ll have a stunning minimalist bedroom aesthetic to enjoy.

Would you love a stunning, clutter-free minimalist bedroom aesthetic? To inspire you to keep up with the trends, here are the top minimalist bedroom design trends for 2021:

Minimalist Bedroom Style Ideas


The Modern French Bedroom


French minimalist bedroom trends depart from sleek and contemporary design and instead pair simplicity with decadence. Expect interesting light fixtures like pendant lights and even chandeliers, paired with stripped back bedroom baths, antique mirrors, simple furniture, monochrome and the odd pop of color from a splash of art behind the bed. The style is a smart, cosy, subdued and an almost masculine play on minimalism.

In Touch With Nature



With eco-design trending, and many people simply wanting to feel more in touch with nature, the outside serving as inspiration for the inside continues.

One key element designers are using in bedrooms will be houseplants. Soft, leafy trailing plants like Pothos will be seen adding interest to bedroom bookshelves, whilst tall plants with interesting foliage like monstera deliciosa will make gorgeous corner features. Paired with a neutral palette, planty prints and simple furniture designs, nature will take centre stage with this minimalist aesthetic. Expect to see this style carry on well into 2021 and beyond.

Less Electricity



In newly renovated bedrooms fewer electrical outlets are being installed in wooden or brick walls. Instead, homeowners escape the blue light and seek to turn their bedroom into a true space of zen. An emphasis on nature, cosy reading areas and hangout spaces are more likely.

Cosy Is Key




Since Hygge style decor has provided us all with amazing Scandinavian inspiration, cosy has been key to the perfect bedroom vibe. Whilst items are stripped back in minimalism, there is still an excess of atmosphere. Moody lighting, layered textures and plenty of zoned materials are all perfect components of a cosy bedroom. A draped bed or hangout nook is the essential part of a cosy bedroom, so you can truly hide away when you need to.

Upholstery All Around



You can expect to see a lot of upholstery in minimalist bedrooms this year. It’s all about wrapping yourself in luxury and upholstery makes for an accessible and gentle way to do that, without creating a cluttered feel to the space.

Wallpaper Is Back



Wallpaper has taken a bit of a break in not just bedroom, but in all home decor design. Paint has been king. Now, wallpaper is coming back with a vengeance. It’s a chance to add interest and texture to walls with regularity and uniformity. You can be gentle in the way that you introduce it to your bedroom, introducing impact without overwhelming the space.

Seaside Vibes



Seaside vibes are a really great way to add a color scheme and interest to a minimalist bedroom, especially if you’re new to bedroom design and you’re struggling for theme ideas. Having a decor theme and colour palette to follow makes things easier. Just be sure to stay on the classy side of seaside, and veer away from tacky accessories. Think raw and natural beachside.

Minimalist Bedroom Decor & Accessories


Wooden Materials



Wooden decor and accessories like raw wooden platform bed frames, palette base platform beds, bedside tables and screens are a wonderful minimalist master bedroom material to embrace. Stripping everything back creates a rustic and truly minimal quality to a simple aesthetic. Mixed with gentle earth tones, weaves and wicker, you’ll struggle not to create a beautiful looking bedroom with this trend.

Bright & Loud Paintings



Paintings and wall art in general can look tacky if it isn’t done right. With this trend, you’ll want to be brave and veer away from something too generic and samey. The wrong painting above your platform bed can make your bedroom look right out of a catalogue, in all the wrong ways. Instead, think big florals full of color, animal prints and bold art that says something about you. Based in a minimalist bedroom, your art has a platform, so make it say something.

Hotel Comforts



Home comforts are kind of by the wayside, and instead, hotel comforts and bed designs for room at home are all in. Roll top baths, luxury bed sheets, huge four poster beds and luxe lamps are all the kind of hotel comforts we want at home. A minimalist master bedroom is about substance and this is a fantastic way to add substance to a stripped back space.

Texture & Feel



As technology is stripped back, textures and feel take precedent. A woven rug that feels gorgeous underfoot, a chunky knit throw that you love to lounge on. The feel of your things is important, adding physical depth, instead of virtual depth from technology that can sap the comforting mood from a master bedroom.

Feature Plants



Feature plants are large interior architectural plants that replace artificial accessories. It’s no surprise to see this kind of accessory trending, with houseplants being so popular at the moment.

One large plant in the right place in a master bedroom can be the perfect feature when you’re trying to nail a natural minimalist feel. Think giant palms, super-tall cacti or large philodendron climbing a moss pole. This is a style that will stand the test of time. The right plant will continue to look fantastic in your home well into 2021 and beyond.

Animal Skin Rugs & Wall Bones



Masculine master bedroom interior design is a great interior trend for wannabe home designers who want a strong look for 2021. You’ll see it encompassing animal skin rugs, horns and bones mounted, and worn leather and hardy materials across the space. The look can be gentled by more bohemian touches like dream catchers and hanging planters.

Minimalist Bedroom Flooring




Cork has been slowly gathering popularity as a minimalist bedroom flooring. It’s absolutely beautiful in its aesthetic, whilst also being hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. You can get it in almost any color or tone, and is designed to last a lifetime if properly maintained. It’s a great play on a natural flooring look if you want to invest in decorating with a futuristic material.



If you’re moving away from carpeted bedroom trends, then wood could be a really good decorating choice. It goes hand in hand with Scandinavian minimalism and style. Choose a darker color for a more classic look and to pair with blue and green tones. Choose a lighter color to pair with crisp whites and natural textures.

Minimalist Bedroom Carpet





A huge bedroom trend for 2021 is to place the bed in the centre of the room, not at the side. Carpet rugs are a really great addition to this trend as they frame the bed in that central space. Even with your bed against a wall, a rug at the side adds simple textural warmth against a hard flooring, like wood.

Luxurious Shag



The perfect flooring. In 2021 simple, luxurious touches and trends are key. So a neutral carpet with lots of snuggly, underfoot depth is an excellent choice for a minimalist space.

From Grey To Stone



Grey carpet has lined many a bedroom over the last few seasons. Grey took over from beige as a key warm neutral to include in any modern space. Stone, or sand are now key design trends as a bedroom carpet colour choice. Think natural and warm, avoiding anything too yellowed. If you do want a touch more color, peach and light terracotta tones are also popular minimalist bedroom carpet choices.

Minimalist Bedroom Colors


Natural Splashes Of Color



Natural splashes of color can be added to a bedroom with plants, fresh flowers, classic rugs, paintings or even mirrors letting outdoor green spaces into the internal aesthetic. Tones tend to be very natural and neutral with minimalism, so a splash of color can be refreshing.

Earth Tones



There is a major emphasis on earth tones being layered throughout minimalist bedroom trends. Cottons, wicker, macrame, stonewashed bedding, sandy throws - it’s all very basic, simple and natural.

One Repeated Or Key Print



It is common to mix similar prints with a repeat color palette or shade to create visual interest and texture. Instead, in a hark back to the 80’s, one pattern is repeated everywhere in an on-trend bedroom. Alternatively, one bold pattern is king and dominates the overall aesthetic.

Diversified White



Crisp white is a classic minimalist bedroom shade. For a more modern look, white has diversified into the earthy tones and sands mentioned above, and into pastels. Color has dripped into this gentle, crisp white look for a more interesting overall palette.




Some minimalist fans like a bit more funk when it comes to the look of their bedroom. Malibu style means pink, poppy color palettes and bubblegum vibes. To strip it down and keep it within the serenity of minimalism, there are still natural tones throughout and stripped back materials.



An artistic bedroom means a blank canvas with plenty of personality, the perfect play on minimalism. It’s whimsical, its characterful and its purposeful. Perfect for a creative homeowner who wants simple but expressive in their bedroom aesthetic.

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture


Feminine Curves



The feminine bedroom is a popular trend in 2021, and the furniture plays a key part in that overall design. Furniture is curved and soft, and headboard textures are playful with shapes and feel.


Wall Coverings/ Hangings



Wall coverings are a great way to add color and texture to a minimalist space. The shades and tones might be whimsical or floral, without being too impactful. Material wall coverings instead of art in frames softens the overall look and adds a bohemian twist to the look.


Simple Headboards



Simple headboards made from pallets, or simply plain wood, are a great piece of minimalist bedroom furniture. For the look, veer away from upholstered versions and instead look towards headboards that are strong in character, but simple in design.





Minimalism prizes the purposeful furniture purchase and using items that last. With that in mind, non-fussy antiques have a place in minimalist bedrooms, as long as they are carefully considered. Think reclaimed plant stands and well cared for room-dividers, and you’re heading in the right direction.

Minimalist Bedroom Lighting


Windows & Natural Light



Scandinavian-minimalism embraces natural light, and none so more than this year when many people may have found themselves spending more time at home. Floor to ceiling windows are perfect bedroom renovation considerations. If you can’t renovate, invest in easy blinds or easy pull-back curtains so it is easy to keep the natural light flooding in.

Grow Lights And Plant Neons



Biophilic design and hydroponics are popular home decor trends, but they don’t have to look totally naturally to match a minimalist bedroom design. Grow lights and neons are very much a part of small-space plant growing and many people choose to pair this function with design in their minimalist bedroom. The result is a funky, downtown futuristic Japan style, perfect for super-modern homeowners.


Multiple Light Styles



Many people have to utilise their bedroom as both a chic sleeping space, and a functional office space. A key trend for this year is multifunctional furniture, zones, and of course lighting. Within the bedroom there may be soft and gentle lighting to support a cosy, sleepy mood. Dimmers and light boxes may be used to bring the lights up to helpful office style lighting, so transform the space without blurring the function lines.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci


With the right consideration, time and simplicity of thinking, you can create the perfect minimalist bedroom. Be purposeful with your choices, and be playful. For a minimalist design to be successful it should be simple, but above all else, it should be you.


Image sources: Pinterest - Mirto By Coordonne, Coast Magazine - Neil Stukes Renovation By The Sea, Unsplash, Pixabay 


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