24 Best & Most Comfortable Work Boots For Men


5 Top Minimalist Watch Trends 2021

February 20, 2021
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, watch industry shows have been canceled or postponed until the coming year, so watchmakers have taken to other means of communication like social media to make their latest designs known. And thus, the latest collections of minimalist watches have made their debut online, with videos and photography replacing the chance […]

10 Top Minimalist Kitchen Trends 2021

February 20, 2021
A long time ago, the sole purpose of kitchens was to provide a place for cooking, where food was prepared and dishes were washed. They were a relegated, forgotten space in the back of the house with bad lighting and poor design. Nowadays, kitchens have become the heart of the home. Advancements in technology and […]

Kitchen Tables With Storage: The Best Minimalist Selection [2021]

February 12, 2021
Kitchen tables with storage are a great idea for any kitchen, not just small kitchens. These multipurpose pieces can save you a lot of space, and can be used to store anything from kitchen utensils to linens to magazines. They can also help save on space in your kitchen by freeing up some cabinet and […]

20 Best Minimalist Bed Frames: Add Style & Space To Your Bedrooms

February 7, 2021
The minimalist bed frames movement began in the early 2000s when interior designers began to look beyond the sleek, shiny, heavy metal frames of the past and toward lighter, sleeker designs that would complement the newly popular minimalist furniture. Today, there are countless different minimalist and platform bed frame styles from which to choose, each […]

The 13 Best Watch Rolls & Travel Cases in One Definitive Guide

February 7, 2021
If you know anything about owning a nice watch, you know that it's just as important to store it as it is to wear it. The last thing you want is for something to happen to your expensive timepiece, so you'll want to make sure you're taking appropriate steps to house it when traveling. Fortunately, […]

25 Fine Watch Boxes For Your Watch Collection

January 18, 2021
One of the common questions for a watch collector is, "How do you store your watch?" There are three different ways of storing a timepiece: the first is to use a watch box (if you want to play it safe, opt for a display case or safe). These cases will protect your favorite timepiece from […]

24 Best & Most Comfortable Work Boots For Men

January 14, 2021
A comfortable pair of work boots can make a huge difference to the way you feel when you're working for long hours on your feet. When you're working in a warehouse, factory, or any other environment that requires you to be on your feet all day, the most comfortable work boots become your best friend. […]

20 Modern Black Minimalist Watches for Men That Are Sexy & Timeless

January 13, 2021
Minimalist watches are big statement-makers, with black minimalist watches for men being in a class of their own. They make you look good, and in the world of fast fashion, a high-quality, classic watch is a timeless piece whose value may last for years to come. With the existence of luxury brands like Patek Philippe […]

16 Best Minimalist Shoes For Everyday Use

January 9, 2021
Minimalist shoes have become more trendy in recent years, and for good reason. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, but they also look good with a wide variety of outfits.  The most common minimalist shoes are mid- or high-top running shoes, but there are other options out there that might be better […]

19 Modern Minimalist Watches for Women

January 7, 2021
Not too long ago, watches were considered a gentlemen’s accessory. Fast-forward to 2021, and minimalist watches for women are a staple. They are not just about telling time, but rather serve as a beautiful accent to an already elegant style. Minimalist watches are the go-to accessory for ladies on the move, and can be paired […]

20 Best Black Sneakers for Women That Feel as Good As They Look

January 3, 2021
Black sneakers have emerged as a classic choice for women, and many women are drawn to the idea of wearing them with virtually anything. Black sneakers are stylish, they can make you look good and feel good while you're crushing it at the gym, when running outdoors or even for a girls’ night out. Are […]

21 Minimalist Dining Tables For A Modern Dining Room

December 27, 2020
A minimalist dining table has clean contours to set the ideal stage for formal eating but in a more relaxed atmosphere. Gone are the days of yesteryear where lavish and exaggerated dining room decor was all the rage. Their designs forced us to sit way too far from one another, almost at other ends of […]

Fresh & Innovative Minimalist Bedroom Trends and Ideas For 2021

December 26, 2020
Marie Kondo, Tiny Homes Nation and The Minimalists documentary are just some of the transformative pieces of media bringing minimalist life to the (entirely practical and necessary) table. It’s certainly a popular way of life at the moment, but is it here to stay? Is it worth buying into? It may seem like it could […]

20 Best Minimalist Boots for Men and Women

December 26, 2020
Minimalist boots are as functional as shoes get. They are generally hardy and comfortable, and many modern designs are made to be stylish, too. Since they’re meant to provide a little more protection than other types of minimalist shoes, they are often weather-resistant and crafted with better-than-average materials. The best minimalist boots for men and […]

11 Best Blankets for Minimalist Camping All Year Round

September 10, 2020
When it comes to finding a good blanket for minimalist camping, it’s all about the simple comforts. A camping blanket keeps you warm and cozy while you rest, so it only makes sense to choose one that is ideal in every way. When you’ve got the essential camping equipment and the luxuries that make it […]

21 Best Minimalist Leather Backpacks For Men and Women

August 9, 2020
Whether you are in London, New York, or Paris, you will find it impossible to avoid seeing women as well as men carrying the lastest "IT-Bag" across their body or over their arm.  Many designers are clamoring to design the next best minimalist backpack that will take the fashion world by storm. Pocketbook aficionados can […]

20 Modern & Fashionable Minimalist Chronograph Watches

July 18, 2020
The term minimalist chronograph watch can seem a little contradictory. Minimalism makes us think of simplicity and the lack of unnecessary frills, while chronograph watches have a more complex range of features than the simple telling of time. But these minimalist watches exist, and they are well sought after. Not only can they be a […]

18 Minimalist & Most Comfortable Dress Shoes

January 10, 2020
Every sophisticated outfit needs a pair of stylish and comfortable dress shoes for an understated finishing touch. As insignificant a detail as they may seem, shoes can make or break your outfit, especially if it’s formal.  For special occasions, formal events and even Sundays at church, stylish minimalist dress shoes for men and women will […]
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