20 Best Minimalist Bed Frames: Add Style & Space To Your Bedrooms

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Written by Gordon | Last Updated: January 7, 2024 
20 Best Minimalist Bed Frames: Add Style & Space To Your Bedrooms

The minimalist bed frames movement began in the early 2000s when interior designers began to look beyond the sleek, shiny, heavy metal frames of the past and toward lighter, sleeker designs that would complement the newly popular minimalist furniture. Today, there are countless different minimalist and platform bed frame styles from which to choose, each with its own unique look and advantages.

By definition, a minimalist bed frame is smaller, more compact, and light weight. That makes them a great choice for anyone who is looking to maximize the space in their bedroom. A minimalist bed frame is also a wonderful way to add a little edge to your bedroom. They give you a blank canvas, so to speak, so you can bring your true taste to life with color, texture, shapes and accessories.

NEW ! Six Things To Consider Before Buying a Minimalist Bed Frame

This round-up of the 20 best minimalist bed frames will give you inspiration, guidance and a desire for the bed frame you never knew you needed!

Best Platform Bed Frames


1. Mellow Low Profile 6" Metal Platform Bed Frame




It rarely gets more modern than a low-profile bed frame, and when it’s metal, you’ve basically gone all the way. This one, by Mellow, is stylish without compromising on comfort and stability. Wooden and metal slats tend to be slippery, which translates into a slipping mattress. But in this bed frame, the wooden slats are reinforced by non-slip tape that works to support your mattress, no matter what’s happening on it. If you’d like your bed a little higher, you can add a box spring, but this is not required. Keep the bedding simple and crisp, and you’ll enjoy this bed frame for years to come!

  • This bed frame is specifically designed to be noise-free;
  • It only takes a few minutes to assemble.

2. Mellow 9 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame





Mellow is a brand that puts simplicity and functionality at the forefront of its designs, and this metal bed frame is no exception. Its smooth, rounded corners aren’t what you’d typically expect from a metal structure, but they do a perfect job at softening what would otherwise be a bulky piece of metal – not to mention the blow that would be dealt to your pinky toe on your way to the bathroom at night. This minimalist bed frame is sturdy (truthfully, all metal should be), and would be a great addition to an industrial-style home.

  • Easy to assemble
  • No extra hardware required – the bed frame comes with custom screws and a hex key

3. Zinus Trisha 7 Inch Low Profile Platforma Bed Frame





This low-profile bed frame is striking and modern. Zinus is all about taking the fuss out of putting furniture together, so this bed frame is specifically designed not to give you a headache during assembly. Its sturdy structure includes a tufted headboard, both for comfort and a touch of elegance. The steel frame is reinforced by wooden slats, which are noticeably wide and aren’t too far apart so you don’t have to worry about your mattress falling through the cracks, so to speak. And of course, this minimalist bed frame is made extremely modern by its cool, low profile.

  • The steel frame is cushioned by foam padded tape, to avoid squeaks and creeks in the middle of the night;
  • Customize your bed’s height by using this bed frame with or without a box spring!

4. Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support




A clean, understated structure lets this bed frame speak for itself. It’s another fuss-free offering by Zinus, this time with an underbed clearance that leaves room for inconspicuous storage. This bed frame can be beautifully matched with black accents (a bedside table, some cushions or a velvety throw), and muted tones that allow its sharp, black structure to stand out. As a metal bed frame, it’s pretty sturdy and easy to put together.

  • Steel slat support for the ultimate night’s rest;
  • And if you’re a tosser and turner, you’ll be pleased to know this bed frame is super silent!


5. Cardinal & Crest | Wood California King Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed





A wooden bed frame is a perfect way to add natural tones and earthiness to your room. This simple style sees the frame perched on dainty legs, making it interesting and rather appealing to look at. Cardinal & Crest has positioned itself as a supplier of premium bedding products, so it’s no surprise that this bed frame is as impressive as it is. With or without a headboard, it is an elegant centerpiece that speaks for itself. And despite its simple structure, this minimalist bed frame is surprisingly durable. Made from sturdy wood, it can withstand a weight of up to 900lbs. A beautiful finish makes this a truly desirable piece for the bedroom.

  • Ridiculously easy to assemble;
  • There’s no need for a box spring.

6. Nomad Plus Platform Bed – Full





KD Frames has their specialty in Tulip Poplar hardwood bed frames. Because their offering is so niche, you can expect incredible quality from their bed frames. This Nomad Plus platform bed is sleek yet earthy. The unfinished Tulip Poplar gives it a distinct, rustic appearance, perfect for the home with natural, earth tones. There’s the option of adding rolling drawers underneath this bed frame, which would allow for smart, modern storage or, if it’s going into a kid’s room, a trundle for those summer sleepovers. Still, it’s an awesome frame on its own.

  • Thick, wooden slats for extra support;
  • Slats are parted down the middle for extra reinforcement.


7. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Light Grey Silver





If you were under the impression that minimalist bed frames could not be luxe and elegant, this one should make you reconsider. The frame is completely upholstered in light grey fabric of impressive quality, with small, silver buttons/beads along the wings. The large headboard adds a push of drama, so if that’s your kinda thing, this is perfect. It deserves lush textured bedding, and fairly simple surroundings that allow the bed frame to be the star of the room.

  • As seemingly complex as this design is, it’s super easy for one person to assemble;
  • Sturdy wood slats prevent a sagging mattress.


8. Mellow Naturalista Classic - 12 Inch Solid Wood





Ever-true to its name, this Naturalista bed frame by Mellow adds clean, natural lines and textures to any room. Its rustic charm is organic, without being messy, making this a minimalist bed frame worth having in your home. As with most simple bed frames, it is best accompanied by simple bedding that complements its striking, Mid-century modern structure.

  • Center support from tubular, metal legs will give you extra peace-of-mind;
  • Cleaning this bed frame is particularly easy – mild detergent and a damp cloth do the trick.


Best Metal Bed Frames


9. DHP Victoria Metal, King Size Frame





DHP pride themselves in creating trendy furniture that is functional for small spaces. The first thing you’ll notice about this bed frame is its distinctly Victorian style, which gives it an irresistible old-school charm. The swirling lines and patterns in the frame make it just the right amount of elegant and, as a metal bed frame, it is designed to be reliably sturdy. It is also versatile enough to be appropriate for children’s and adult’s rooms.

  • This bed frame allows you two height options: 7’’ or 11’’ from the ground
  • Multiple center legs offer additional support

10. Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame





Clean, horizontal lines make this minimalist bed frame satisfyingly modern and stunning to look at! Your mattress will fit snuggly into the frame, which means you won’t be annoyed by it moving around or sliding off. Sturdy cylindrical pieces make it strong but sleek, and if you were wondering if it squeaks, you’ll be thrilled to know it doesn’t. Soft, relaxed fabrics will accentuate this bed frame beautifully, as well as unexpected patterns or woven materials.

  • Wooden slats prevent sagging and protect your mattress;
  • Foam padded tape eliminates any possibility of noise.

11. Zinus Mia Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500 Metal Bed Frame





In this steel bed frame, Zinus uses understated, minimalist structure for a striking appearance. The simplicity of its structure and color make this bed frame versatile enough to work with different colored, textured and patterned bedding. Not only that, but it allows for lots more creativity when it comes to additional accent furniture and accessories. As simple as it is, it is supported by center reinforcement, and the 10 wooden slats are ideal for preserving your mattress.

  • Available in five different sizes (Narrow Twin, Twin, Full, Queen and King);
  • There’s a red option, too; perfect for décor that’s a little more on the daring side!

12. Best Price Mattress King Bed Frame





It’s not every day you see a bed with nine legs, and eight of them clearly visible at that. But Best Price has managed to offer unbeatable structural support while making a bed frame that is a true statement-maker. Eight visible legs make this bed unique and interesting to look at, in the best way possible. The 9th leg is in the center, underneath a steel slat foundation that’s just perfect for your mattress.

  • With a 12” clearance, this bed frame is ideal for underbed storage;
  • Fairly easy to assemble, with no need for additional tools.

13. TEMMER Black Metal Bed Frame Full Size





This Temmer metal bed frame has a vintage appeal. Sharp vertical lines are accented by beautifully round knobs and curved edges, making it perfect for elegant décor. Accentuate this stylish minimalist bed frame with striking bedside lamps and deep, warm colors. Supported by multiple sturdy legs, it is extremely durable. The 13” clearance is a bonus storage hack that saves you lots of space, and that’s why this bed frame is ideal for small homes and spaces.

  • The platform structure is welded, reducing friction and noise from parts that would otherwise be screwed together;
  • Since several parts are welded, assembly is minimal and simple.

14. AUFANK Metal Bed Frame





The first thing you’ll notice about this AUFANK bed frame is that it doesn’t compromise on stability! Seriously, the team over at AUFANK did not want to leave any room for sagging mattresses and uncomfortable sleep. The mattress foundation is supported by rows of centipede-like legs, and multiple steel slats to boot. The design is simple yet striking, and wonderful for playing around with brightly-colored bedding and patterned cushions.

  • This super sturdy bed frame can carry sleepers of up to 300lbs;
  • 14” clearance makes this a storage haven!

Best Canopy Bed Frames


15. Zinus Patricia White Metal Framed Canopy Four Poster Platform Bed Frame





This Zinus frame is proof that minimalist canopy bed frames can be just as stylish as more elaborate designs. Its four-post structure allows for so much creativity, giving you the option to leave as is, or add elegant draping of your choice. Made from industrial metal, this modern bed frame is impressively durable and a stunning addition to any room. Despite its four, tall posters, it is fairly simple to put together.

  • Take advantage of the 13” clearance for storage;
  • Strong steel slats will be your mattress’s best friend.

16. DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame





This fun and quirky bed frame is just right for a little princess. The scroll heart design is full of lively youth, while its metal structure is sturdy and safe for your little girl. Add to that the fact that you can choose from fun colors like pink, gold and pewter, and you’ve got yourself the perfect children’s bed. It can be styled with brightly-colored draping, or a pink mosquito net to make her nights extra peaceful.

  • Secured, heavy duty metal slats for mattress support;
  • 11” clearance for a decent amount of storage.


17. Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame





Although beautiful in dark grey and white, it’s the gold version of this canopy bed frame that’s really eye-catching. This metal frame presents itself as a sturdy structure with sharp lines, both vertical and horizontal, and an overall modern design. Because of its simplicity, it can make its home in any space, but would be particularly stunning in an industrial-style setting.

  • Plenty of clearance for underbed storage;
  • A built-in headboard and footboard to make sure your mattress sits snuggly, but also for a stylish finishing touch.


Best Wingback Bed Frames


18. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Tufted Premium





With a classic tufted headboard, and a fully upholstered frame, this wingback bed frame by Zinus is modern yet elegant. The deep-set button detail and seamless stitching are signs of excellent quality, and its dainty legs are a lovely finishing touch. Available in solid, muted greys, the bed frame is best complemented by brighter and lighter colors, for a contrast that adds vibrance to your room. The interior framework is built from steel, with additional foam padding for impeccable comfort.

  • Thick, wooden slats for great support, both for you and your mattress;
  • Non-slip tape on the slats keeps your mattress in place.

19. Zinus - Marcus - Upholstered Wingback Platform Bed





This Zinus wingback bed frame is upholstered with 100% polyester that makes it classic without being old-school. Its embellished headboard is a true statement piece. This minimalist bed frame is designed to be durable and remarkably stable, and includes wooden slats and center legs for additional support. Because the headboard is so high (or large) it is perfect for taller mattresses and creates a dramatic effect which is quite uncharacteristic of minimalist pieces. Regardless, this bed frame is far from being ‘too much’.

  • Stylish, dainty legs lift the bed frame up and add a touch of class;
  • Although there are several large pieces involved, assembling this bed frame is pretty stress-free.

20. Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed





Available in two understated colors, this trendy bed frame is as comfortable as it looks. The tufted, buttoned headboard is its most extravagant feature, but as a whole, this bed frame is unpretentious. Its small legs could tempt you to question its sturdiness, but it’s actually extremely durable and reinforced by wooden slats and additional center support. And even though its structure is strong, it is padded to ensure safety and comfort that you wouldn’t expect from such a tough frame!

  • Minimal spacing between slats to prevent mattress sagging;
  • A timeless, versatile design that can fit into any style of décor.

Six Things To Consider Before Buying a Minimalist Bed Frame

Minimalist bed frames are all the rage. And for good reason! They make your bedroom look clean and organized, they're easy to move and store, and they provide many other benefits as well. But before you head out to buy one, there are some things you should know first.

  1. Choose a bed frame that complements the rest of your bedroom's design scheme. A minimalist bed frame showcasing a solid color or neutral finish can be an ideal focal point for a bedroom with a bold, colorful design scheme.
  2. Choose a bed frame that is the right size for your mattress. There are lots of styles to choose from, but before you buy one be sure it's the perfect size for your mattress.
  3. Buy a bed frame with storage drawers underneath if you want some extra storage or need more space around the bed area itself.
  4. Make sure that the bed frame you buy is durable enough to support the weight of your mattress and any other heavy items stored underneath it before buying it!
  5. You'll want to measure out how much floor space it occupies and what you have in mind remaining in your bedroom. If you're not sure, err on the side of caution and get a frame that is slightly larger than what you need to accommodate for growth.5.
  6. One final thing to consider before making that purchase: There are a lot of benefits to having a minimalist bed frame, but there is also the issue of cost. A basic frame will be cheaper than one with added features like adjustable headboards or footboards and storage for your bedding, which might make you rethink what type of bed frame would work best in your space.

And don't forget your bedding! You'll want to pick out some sheets or linens to complete the look once it's all put together.



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